BSB Applications

All programs available on this web site are free to use and distribute. They contain only the necessary code to run the full program and do not contain any advertising or “Undocumented” features.

All program downloads are “Anonymous”. There are no provisions to register the program and the author has no methods available to gather any information about the user. You can contact the author via the BongoFury Website Forum.

These Freeware Products are provided by BSB Applications “As is” and “With all faults.” BSB Applications makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other components of these Freeware Products. BSB Applications will not be held liable for any damages, or alleged damages the user may suffer in connection with using or distributing these Freeware Products.

Downloading and Installing

Installing to a MS Windows System.
The simplest way to install these programs is to RUN the EXE file. When the download prompt appears, choose to RUN the application.
If a Licence warning appears then click the RUN option again and the BSB Installation page will be displayed to start the installation. Accept all the defaults for each page by clicking NEXT. The final page will tell you that the installation is complete, so click FINISH. Depending on which program you have installed, you should now have one or two extra icons displayed on the Desktop.

If you have downloaded previous versions of any program, you can use the same installation files to Upgrade your Program and Help files to the Current version.

Installing to a Linux System.

These instructions are specifically for a Linux Ubuntu distribution. More experienced users that use other distros will understand how to install these programs via Wine. The Wine emulator is a Free download within the Ubuntu Software Centre and should be installed before attempting to run the Setup.exe file. The simplest way to install these programs is to download or copy the Setup.exe file to a USB pen drive or SD card. Using a File Manager program, navigate to the USB drive which should display the Setup.exe install program, right click on this program icon and a context menu will be displayed showing various options one of which is:
"Open with Wine Windows Program Loader".
Choose this option and the program will be installed as for an MS Windows System but emulated via the Wine program. For more information on the Wine Program visit:

Installing to USB Drives.

You can install all programs to any device capable of running Windows EXE files such as USB drives and SD cards. Before running the installation program, make sure your computer has recognised the USB drive and you know the assigned drive letter. When you RUN the Setup.exe file from the web site, the default installation directory will be C\:BSB_Apps. When the main Directory Installation page appears, change the drive letter to the letter assigned to the USB drive, for example, F\:BSB_Apps, the program will now be installed to the USB drive.
The final installation page will ask if you want to install a desktop icon, if you want to disable this feature then Un-Check this tick box and nothing whatsoever will be installed to your main computer.

Browsers and Anti Virus Programs

The default settings for MS Internet explorer generally will allow you to RUN and INSTALL an unsigned application. This has been tested up to and including Windows 7 with IE8. The default settings for FIREFOX generally only allow you to SAVE an EXE file, these settings can be changed to include the RUN option.

Depending on your anti-Virus Software, you may experience problems downloading or running an EXE installation file. This may be caused by Parental Controls or an over enthusiastic anti-virus program. Certain anti-virus programs, especially those using proactive protection, frequently generate false positives when scanning programs, they assume a file contains a virus or other malware when there is none. You may experience this issue with our products too.

All our products are uploaded to the Internet virus-free. Our products are scanned by different anti-virus programs and all show it to be clean. If you have downloaded the software from our website, then you can be confident it did not come with a virus. However, a virus on your computer may have infected our software after installation.

If you are sure your computer has no virus, then any warning you are getting regarding our software is probably a false positive. You may be able to white-list the software that is affected by a false positive, or turn off proactive protection in your anti-virus program during the time it takes to install the BSB Application.

If you can't resolve any of the above problems, try downloading the ZIP file version of the program. You should be able to download this to the Desktop or any other suitable location. If you have software installed to UnZip the file you should then be able to run the installation file normally. Our software will be scanned by your normal Anti-Virus product and found to be free from Virus or other Malware infections.

OnLine Fuel Trackers and Calculators.

These web sites are included for the convenience of members and are not supported by BSB Applications. These web sites have been verified free from malware and excessive advertising using NORTON proactive defence.